Bag Sealing

A pioneer in bag sealing technology, Fischbein introduced its first bag sealer over 30 years ago. Today, we offer a full-range of bag sealing solutions that include hot melt adhesive closures for paper bags and our line of Saxon® brand sealers for plastic bags and pouches. Based on their sealing performance, Fischbein and Saxon sealers are widely used in the food, medical, chemical, mineral, fertilizer and pet food sectors. Fischbein and Saxon sealers are known for their durability, compact design and innovative features that include safe low voltage control panels, over temperature shut down sensors, variable speed drives, bag jam detection and high efficiency heaters that can reduce energy requirements up to 10 percent. Fischbein and Saxon sealers are easily integrated into semi or fully automated bagging lines.

SH 1000


The state-of-the-art Hot Air Sealer SH 1000 confirms Fischbein-Saxon’s supremacy in hot air sealers technology. It is a smart solution for your bagging needs.

The Hot Air Sealer SH 1000 uses the principle of heat transfer by convection. It uses ambient air which is transmitted to specially designed heating capsules where it is then passed over a heating cartridge which heats the air close to the bag mouth. This hot air is then blown onto the bag to promote the sealing process.

Power consumption: 1984W

Voltage: 220-230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

Sealing speed: speed range from 6,2m/min to 14,1m/min

Other model: Hot Air SH2000


• Quality and attractive seals

• Faster changeover

• Less downtime

• Increased capacity

• Easy set up

• Low maintenance

• Greater flexibility.

SB 1000


The new SB 1000 is part of the company’s continuing commitment to provide the industry with technologically advanced band sealers for closing all types of plastic bags/pouches in all kinds of environments. It is a smart solution for your bagging needs.

The Band sealer SB 1000 uses the principle of transfer by conduction where fixed heating elements heat the bags by direct contract through a pair of bands. These bands have high thermal conductivity and move in synchronization with transport belts.

Power consumption: 889W

Voltage: 220-230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

Sealing speed: speed range from 2,7m/min to 22,2m/min

Other models: Band SB 2000, Band SB 2000 Validatable, Band SB 3000, Band SB 4000


• Easy operation

• Low cost

• Reduced set up

• Easy maintenance

• Wider seals possible

• Simplified mainframe

• Hygienic

SR 1000


The Saxon Radiant SR 1000 is an industrial continuous sealer with a pair of radiant heater bars using the principle of heat transfer by radiation: the heat is radiated from the heater bars to the bag top and penetrates through the outer layer to the inner liner. Pressure wheels compress the two heated inner portions of the bag together to form a permanent airtight seal.

Power supply: 220-230 VAC

Power of heater bars: 400W each (x2)

Maximum current: 6,5A

Sealing speed: speed range from 6,2m/min to 22,2m/min

Other model: Radiant SR 2000

The types of bags that can be closed with the SR1000 are: paper bags with a PE coating or with a PE inner liner, PE bags with a header card or foil bags.

Saxon Option


The Saxon options can be offered in a customer-oriented way.
Crimp Wheels : Compressing the bag after its passage trough the heating sealer. Efficient closure of the bag
Airwash Bag top cleaner : removes dust from the ‘mouth’ of the bag
Bag Top Trimmer : To get a nice appearance of the bag
Vortex bag top cooler : To cool down the sealed top of the bag
Atex Versions
90 or 45 ° mounting of the sealers
Air purge : To keep inside of machine under air pressure.
Solid Front cover : To reduce dust and particles in the machine
Washdown versions, LED Indicators, and Speed controlled machines.

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