The Sumitomo Group of Companies has a history that goes back over 400 years. Today, Sumitomo has over 267,000 employees worldwide with annual sales that exceed 400 billion US dollars. The Sumitomo Group, one of the largest groups of companies in Japan and the world, is active in the most diverse industries, including iron and steel, mechanical engineering, mining, ceramics, real estate, banking and trade. Integrity, healthy management and the philosophy of not putting profits first form the basis of its success.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies (100% Subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries) brand guarantees innovative, top quality products and services developed by the most advanced technologies. From steel production and cargo cranes to food processing and healthcare, SDT offer products and services worldwide that improve mankind’s quality of life.

Since 2011, the renowned manufacturer of industrial transmissions, Hansen Industrial Gearboxes, headquartered in Edegem, Belgium, has been part of the company group and also under the umbrella brand Sumitomo Drive Technologies. In Europe there are currently around 590 employees who develop, manufacture and distribute an extensive range of precision gearboxes, gearboxes and geared motors and high-performance industrial gearboxes.

Decades of experience and innovation, a leading position worldwide in drive and control technology combined with a worldwide presence make Sumitomo Drive Technologies a trustworthy partner for all its customers.

Since 2011, Hansen Industrial Gearboxes has been part of Sumitomo Heavy Industries' Power Transmission & Controls Group and combines the strengths of both Hansen's industrial gearboxes and Sumitomo Drive Technologies' gear drives. As such, HIT acts as a single source for two of the world's most reputable brands in reliable and durable industrial gear drives.

Long-standing customer relations, a continuous strive for product and technology leadership and keeping pace with today's market requirements enables HIT to shape and implement this complementary product merger.

For more than 90 years, Hansen Industrial Gearboxes (HIT) has operated in the forefront of power transmission technology and has grown to become a world leading manufacturer of industrial gear units. The company offers complete drive solutions from grid connection to machine shaft for a wide variety of applications and complete servicing for all brands of industrial gear units.HIT is committed to being the most dedicated and reliable partner, providing industrial gearbox solutions by creating and supplying high-quality products and offering a first-class after-sales service throughout the lifetime of customer applications. HIT therefore enhances the talent and passion of its people to enable long-lasting partnerships.

Worldwide, the skilled HIT staff, business and authorized service partners strive for reliable excellence in industrial gearbox solutions offering a wealth of experience and expertise: the result of years of close and interactive cooperation with a distinguished record of customers.

Renowned worldwide for the design, manufacture, sales and service of its top quality gear products and complete drive solutions, HIT also tailors its products to customer needs such as standard and design-for-application products for mining equipment and material handling. Numerous projects across the world have been entrusted to HIT due to the compactness and lightweight nature of its industrial gearboxes, as well as the company's shortened lead times and its ability to supply all drive components as complete packages.

Hansen Industrial Gearboxes offer versatility for your most demanding applications and are engineered with a robust design, featuring:

• High radial and axial load-carrying capabilities

•Broad lineup of bevel and helical reducers 

Authorized Service Partner for SUMITOMO HANSEN Gearboxes

All kind of Gearboxes Services

(Bevel, Worm, Planetary)


Disassembly and Assembly

Failure Analysis

Performance Diagnosis


Site Services (Removal and Installations)

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